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  1. I have the Ulead Videostudio that has the Ligos Mpeg plug-ins for doing real-time capture in Mpeg-1/2 plus encoders for converting AVI's to mpeg.
    Is there any way to make the real-time mpeg encoder to show up in other capture programs like Vdub or Vidcap32? Also, is there any way to use the plug-in as a stand alone encoder?
    And let me throgh in one more question, when using virtualdub to capture video, I can only do 352x480 without dropping frames. With vidcap32, I can do 640x480 without dropping frames. Why is there such a huge difference in capture capability between the these two cap util?
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  2. I can't answer any of your questions about Ligos, but about the difference between VirtualDub and VidCap I can.

    The VFW system gives you two basic options for capturing video. You can give it a filename and set the other capture related parameters and tell it to just capture to that file, this is what VidCap does. Or, the VFW can send your program a message every frame so you can do some processing on it every frame (like the virtual dub filters). Actually VirtualDub also provides for doing the VFW controlled capture as well, but if you use this you can't use the spillover drives and multiple AVI files. Programs that take care of saving the frames themselves have more overhead than just letting VFW handle it for you because you have to receive the message, setup file buffers, save the frame to the file, etc. But this is the only way to go to bypass the 2 or 4GB barriers or to do realtime filtering.

    Hope that made some sense.
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  3. Yes, thanks.
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