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  1. Watching a video downloaded off yt-dlp with embedded vtt subtitles displays like this

    [Attachment 75271 - Click to enlarge]

    If I extract the subtitles with ffmpeg and add them as external subtitles it fixes the issue although they are not animated anymore.

    This is the yt-dlp command I'm using

    yt-dlp IdGtUZCeJ1Q --write-auto-subs --embed-subs --merge-output-format mkv
    I know I can use --convert-subs srt but I'd like to try and figure out if vtt subs can work first.

    No issues with vlc
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    If it is not any issue within the acctual PotPlayer maybe there is an other software in the background for handle/manage the subtitles? as for example this LAV Filter (tool for video playback and converting etc) it does not affect VLC Media Player (atleast not where i tested it) but it affect some other video players, such an program can be run in the background and it is not even visible anywhere on the screen unless you open the program and select "show icon in tray".. could there be any such programs that handles the subtitles.. in such an program it would be possible to select "manage vtt subtitles with theese settings/manage all embedded vtt subtitles/manage all subtitles with UTC-8 etc" and allso an other type of subtitles can be de-selected which would explain on type of subtitles to work and the other type is unaffected! same with it might not affect VLC Media Player which would explan why it work in this player! (except for the fact that most things acctually do work in vlc).

    Edit: When installing some softwares it is pretty common that it come along an filter, tool or codec that may affect some other things, such as video playback, subtitles, sound settings etc. (known as bundle installers, sometimes they fix everything sometimes they dont).

    More Reading: If an real bad internet pirate would for example have an program/virus/malware to send you that can only affect an specific type of subtitle (ie. if they fail with vtt subtitles with Unicode UTC-8, they would now want to infest your computer with an tool/malware/virus to make sure playback with vtt utf-8 subtitles is failing to incrase the chance of you disabling this feature or selecting/converting the type of subtitles that their virus/malware can infest your subtiles with this weird colors/chinese things or replacing words with other words, doing all of this increase their successrates). (If UTC-8 is used in subtitles i dont know, just an example).
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  3. I tested it in a fresh VM same issue.
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