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  1. Hello, I have created a video from a sequence of PNG images using FFmpeg. The libx264RGB codec is utilized to preserve the colors. The output displays correctly in VLC, MPC-BE, MPC-HS, MPV, and Telegram. However, PotPlayer fails to accurately display the colors. Here is a comparison:
    Original PNG:
    [Attachment 75234 - Click to enlarge]

    MPC-BE (EVR custom):
    [Attachment 75235 - Click to enlarge]

    PotPlayer (Auto = EVR custom = Built-in Direct3D 11 Video Renderer):
    [Attachment 75236 - Click to enlarge]

    Note: Changing the video renderer has no effect. I have also changed the Colorspace settings, but I still cannot find how to make it display the correct RGB colors.
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    Hi, if no solution can be found for this within the acctual PotPlayer, maybe this LAV Filter can be of help! If it function with the PotPlayer i dont know, it is functioning with DivX Player and RealPlayer atleast, i dont use it very much but it have many options to set things up to work with an video player + the video such as video decoder, hardware accelration and option to select/de-select specific codecs that it will decode (By de-selecting an codec will simply not decode this specific codec and the video player will use the previous/default settings).

    Edit: The LAV Filter have 3 separate configuration applications that can be launched (LAV Video Configuration, LAV Audio Configuration, LAV Splitter Configuration). My version is pretty old one, maybe the newer ones have more, better stuff!

    It seem to ruin things sometimes so to use it one really should look into/open configuration as it can affect several video players and allready functioning settings and maybe de-select some codecs that it will decode but the LAV Filter make it possible for WebM Videos with VP8 Codec to be played in the DivX Player which is basicly why i use it. (Allso it help play AVI Videos with MPEG4E H.264 Codec (AVC) with RealPlayer which is second reason i use it).
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