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  1. I have a DVD source that runs at 25fps. For the reconstruction version, I'm wondering what to enter for tdecimate to remove the ghosting and any dupe frames. Should I use tdecimate, or something else?

    For the montage version, it's 25fps progressive, but if I use assumefps to restore it to silent film speed, which fps should I use, and how would I convert the audio in Audacity to fit the slowed-down version?


    Source samples:
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    I couldn't see a good solution for that blurry mess. I tried looking at it frame by frame for a pattern
    where you could use selectevery() to choose the frames, but it loses its cadence after the scene changes

    For the other one slow it down to 18 fps (original frame rate 25)
    25/18 = 1.3888

    In Audacity effect/pitch and tempo/change tempo

    In the beats per minute box from=13.888, to=10.0
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