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    The camcorder should be user friendly so that I can film my friends and they can film me.
    Important are a long optical zoom , image quality good enough to post on facebook/instagram , vibration reduction might be nice but I have a tripod.
    No need for good low light image quality but it has to produce good footage on overcast days.
    I don't have a clue how much I have to spent to get something decent but willing to spent 500$/€
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  2. Iīm sure others can offer better suggestions but hereīs mine. I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Bridge camera and while its design is a few years old I believe itīs still a good camera for both video and photography. Itīs under 500 dollars, has a 25-600mm zoom range (35mm equivalent), can record 4K video and while itīs not fully weatherproof, is splash/dust resistant. The image sensor is only 1/2 inch but with good lightning you can achieve very good results, also, its hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer and autofocus arenīt the best but are far from being the worst. It also has an standard 52 mm filer size so third party filters should be inexpensive and readily available (U.V. circular polarizer or ND, all of which could be very useful for your intended use), itīs Mic Input allows me to attach an inexpensive but very competent Takstar SGC-600 shotgun microphone (useful if you want to interview your friends or only want to get better sound directionality.
    Greetings and good luck
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