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  1. Is there a way to prevent text overlaps? I thought I had caught everything on one long job but in review I see a few
    overlaps. I guess I'll ask it as: How many milliseconds needed for the avoidance of overlaps just from the aspect of
    screen writes (one title appearing after the next) ?
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    The end timing of a line can be the same as the start timing of the next line -
    ie. no gap at all.
    However, if you use tools/apply minimum gap between subtitles,
    the minimum gap from settings/general will be applied
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  3. Thanks Dave. I'll have to go by the color prompts in SE that show individual overlaps. I'm well acquainted with having to use that feature but then I have a perceived problem of getting my vocal phrase to not be cut off

    I may not be describing it right.

    Settings in SE are worrisome to me and I've tried to avoid them altogether preferring more control of the line.
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  4. Apply minimum gap-- yes-- how can I make sure it is turned off and how is it in default?

    Looking at my Settings I have Mn gap between subtitles in ms at "2" which isn't much. I lowered all those settings.
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  5. I sure your aware but under Fix common errors... there is a check box (second one down) Fix overlapping display lines that will prevent overlapping.
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  6. Thank you. Actually no I wasn't aware of that specifically since there are so many of those fix common errors entries. I would only use 'fix common errors' on a test basis.
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  7. I admit I don't understand the workings of features in Subtitle Edit. So if I just want to use this overlap feature, tick that box and untick all the rest, when does the change kick in-- immediately? And is there an undo ?

    I don't see enough prompts to just _know_ all this or when it's happening. Or how to turn it all off. It's my impression that I am redoing a lot of things to make small changes. So I save frequently after a line or two manually without depending on SE generated backup copies.

    Does AegisSub behave differently-- less auto-generated stuff ?
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