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  1. The point is that I would like to make transition videos like this: ... 4230384898 ... 3186545926

    Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who would do something like that with me, I have to do it alone at home and also need the equipment. Do you think that would be too extensive?

    Here you can see what you need for such videos;

    So I definitely need a background, lots of lighting and a good camera

    Could you send me links via Amazon about exactly what I need

    What do you think, which camera produces such good video quality?

    I have an iPhone 14 pro and a Canon 50D SLR camera

    What did you prefer about it or generally what makes such good videos?

    I thank you in advance
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    Take a video editing class and learn the basics. I'm serious.
    If you're getting involved, it would be worth it
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