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  1. I'm not doing this right. I know where the sync function is in Subtitle edit but not getting the right result.

    I just need to advance the time fromn a point within my whole job.

    The subtitle I have (from a scan or whatever) is, I believe taken from another source of the video. There is a minute or so intermission marked with an Intermission intertitle. But the sub is not recognizing that separation. This is only about a minute.

    I think I am not starting at the correct point. I have used the option 'start from the line' and then select 1 min and advance but it does not look right.

    Also do I need to save in between to see the correction? I do not want any time missing since I put descriptions and whatnot in the
    space between the dialog that commences after this Intermission break.

    A simple question with a lot of splaining, but I'm not seeing the expected result. So just please give the steps from the start point.
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    HI Lon, here are the steps to move lines forward by one minute starting from a certain line
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  3. Thanks dave

    That looks like the usual procedure I have done in the past.

    For this, because I wanted to keep going on the job, I did a line insert to add the time needed for the gap to
    have the dialog work out. I'll see how that has worked out next time I continue.
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  4. This is still confusing me-- start times and end times I can't keep straight.

    So on two consecutive lines I have first line End time of 01 01 28.300
    and the next line begins with 01 03 03.627

    and the new start time should just be right after 01 01 28.300,

    the difference I got using an online calculator is 1 min 35 secs.

    The action should be performed on 01 03 03 as a minus 1 min 35 sec ?
    And that will pull up all the remaining lines.

    If I can't follow this I'll just do it by hand. Line by line requires a lot of concentration esp. where I have
    to convert one sub version to match what is being heard by ear. I don't know how these things get so mangled but auto translate and other auto tools are not helpers. Spell check is a big culprit as well.

    I'll give it another try on some safe copy off my main job over the next couple days.
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    What i do is play the video and look at the time where the subtitle differs which is usually after a scene change,this is usually around 6 minutes of play time in a scene where you adjust so if the talking is 2 seconds too late then you adjust the group of subs to play 2 seconds faster,what you might find is there's a lot of

    scene changes so you might need to do this method again,what i do if all the scene changes are different then i start the correction at the first scene and apply it to all the lines after and go to the next scene change and keep adjusting.
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  6. Thanks for answering.

    I think I have it working now. I tried it again in a more 'relaxed' frame of mind. Will see how it goes.1
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