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  1. Hi guys,
    I've run into a bit of annoying issue with Plex and my AppleTV. Whenever I try to play a video with HDR10+, the video doesn't play. But if the video uses regular HDR10, it plays just fine. From what I can see, this is a known issue with Plex, and doesn't seem like it will be fixed soon. Yes, HDR10+ is supposed to automatically fall back to HDR10 if HDR10+ isn't supported, but for whatever reason, Plex doesn't do that. What I'd like to do is convert any HDR10+ videos I have to use HDR10 instead. That will keep Plex happy and I can still watch HDR videos in HDR. My TV doesn't support HDR10+ anyway, so I don't mind that I'm losing out on it.

    I'm not sure how complicated this would be, but from my understanding, HDR10+ is just metadata in the video file, which sounds like it wouldn't be necessary to re-encode the video..? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  2. HDR-10 is just a bunch of tags.
    HDR-10+ additionally adds (potentially per frame) adjustments.
    => HDR10+ is really just HDR-10 with dynamic metadata might be helpful to remove the extra data.

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    Removing HDR10+ metadata from a HDR10 encoded hevc stream can easily be done with quietvoid's hdr10plus tool.


    hdr10plus_tool remove video.hevc -o hdr10plus_removed_output.hevc

    Download at
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  4. That seems to have done the trick, it's now detected as using HDR10. Plex still didn't want to play it, but changing to use the new player seems to have got it working, so I have no idea what its problem was!
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