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  1. So I have pretty good experience with editing video in adobe premiere and aftereffects, im looking to move to sony vegas pro 21 post. I am thinking about this new mini gaming pc for a new setup. it is the Acemagician with ryzen 9 6900hx 4.9 ghz, 32 gb DDR5 , 512GB NVMe SDSD with Radeon 680M.. Any thoughts or suggestions, its purely for the price range im thinking about a mini pc.
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    The processor and system memory meet the system requirements for Vegas Pro 21 but I am not sure if AMD integrated graphics are OK. Vegas Pro 21's hardware requirements list specs for discrete AMD GPUs and onboard memory but say nothing about AMD's integrated graphics, although Intel's recent iGPUs are listed as supported. Of course, you will also need to add additional storage.
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