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    This is going to be a continuation of, now classified as an Old Thread.

    Basically, HD Audio became all the rage some years ago, among what is generally available for download. And basically, I am in full agreement with this article:
    I just want to be able to play (whatever) in normal, old-fashioned CD playback -- particularly the rather good gear that was built-in to my car, for which I ordered the top level that was available from the factory. (If you are truly able to hear any significant difference between that and what is present in these HD Audio versions, I salute you.)

    So, I need to convert a lot of this HD Audio stuff, which I have no playback gear for, nor any intention to acquire it. I've all but given up on Foobar 2000 for this task. Way too many continuing errors like these, despite trying hard to follow the indicated steps:

    ERROR: D:/Cache/Burrrn_Out/burrrn_temp/08_Rain Forest (Sorcerer-Soundtrack Version).wav: found sampling rate 96000, require 44100.

    ERROR: Header of audio file "D:/Cache/Burrrn_Out/burrrn_temp/08_Rain Forest (Sorcerer-Soundtrack Version).wav" is corrupted.


    ERROR: C:\Program Files (x86)\Burrrn\burrrn.toc:50: Cannot determine length of track data specification.

    (This was frustrating. I had selected 16-bit output + Dither Always, in FB2K.) The best explanation of this result that occurred to me was that I needed to also include hello_hello's suggestion in Post #8 of the thread at top, of including a DSP processor specification in FB2K. But damn, there ought to be / had to be an easier way !

    Then I found a couple of threads elsewhere that really got into the weeds technically as to FLAC Compression level, and whether the dithering apparatus was superior in Audacity vs. the one in FB2K vs. doing it manually via command line in SoX.,123104.0.html#:~:text=Re%3A%20Quick%20conversio...20it%20at%2016.


    But it was Post #21 in the latter thread that has come to my rescue. Although no longer developed, CDBurnerXP (available in the Tools section here on VH) does indeed perform this downconversion automatically, as shown by a test that I ran yesterday. I was about to try Audacity next, but this result was easily obtained, and seems to be plenty good enough. Thank You, CDBurnerXP !

    Next, I may need to find a simpler, more reliable program for making a Cue Sheet. CueTools has also generated way too many errors. I have some other programs that might provide this facility, such as Media Monkey. Or maybe I don't even really need a Cue Sheet, and can just skip it. Up until now, I've mainly used Burrrn (also no longer developed) to make the CDs -- again, as a matter of simplicity. I could swear that I've successfully made a number of eminently usable CDs with it in the past, just inputting all the tracks, absent any Cue Sheet. That's how I recall this, anyway.
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