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  1. Hello,
    Anyone knows if according to the specs, a DVD-Video should have ISO (Bridge) Level1 or Level2?
    Some apps like Nero allows to select between Level1 and Level2 for the ISO file system of Video-DVD discs.
    Nero does not support Level3 so no idea if not supported in DVD-Video or not supported in Nero.
    Thanks for advise.
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    If you want your dvd to play in a stand-alone unit you require MAXIMUM compatability.

    The main difference between level 1 and level 2 is the number of letters per filename (8+3 for level1 or 31 for level2) But dvd players ignore ISO (9660) and actually use the UDF format. And Nero is now reknown for creating non-standard disks.

    If you have your file/folder structure just use imgburn
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  3. Hello @DB83 and thanks for the tip, it's meant to be used on both players and PC, and many apps will make UDF plus ISO bridge Video-DVD discs, and yes I agree that Nero will make non-standard discs, that's why I need a confident source to know it has to be Level 1 or 2
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