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  1. Announcing the Beta 2.0.0 release of the Black DVD Archiver -

    I guess it is good enough now for others to kick the tyres and give it a go... but there will be bugs at this early stage and not all features I want are there yet!

    What is the Black DVD Archiver?

    The Black DVD Archiver is an open source Linux application that will place user selected video files on a DVD and the source files in an archive location specified by the user.

    The intended use case is for those that are interested in getting Video 8, VHS, Betamax, DV and Digital 8 sourced video files onto a DVD and archive the source video files onto a NAS/internal/external harddrive where they can be burnt of to DVD or Blu-ray disks as requried.

    Refer to for archiving commentary, current feature set and usage ( )


    - Selection Of Input Files In A Variety Of Container Formats As Long As They Conform To PAL/NTSC standards
    - A Simple Video Editor
    - Limited Video Filters With Fixed Settings
    - DVDs Have A Simplified Menu Structure
    - Saves The Input/Output Files Into A User-Selected Archive Folder Structure.
    - This Can Be Placed On A NAS And Accessed By A Media Player.
    - An ISO image of the DVD is produced so that DVD burning software can produce the physical DVD.
    - The archived video files are stored in their original format and are split to fit into 25 GB or 4 GB folders, so that they can be burnt off to optical disk for backup.
    - Check sums are calculated for source video files and are stored with them to verify the integrity of the source video files at a later date

    The Black DVD Archiver - βeta 2.0 Release Notes

    This is the β2.0.0 Release developed on Linux Mint and tested on a minimal Mx Linux install

    New Features

    The process of making the DVD iso image and associated files is now performed as a background task. This allows the user to continue working whilst "Make DVD" tasks are running.
    Video source files are now cut as simultaneous background tasks to speed cuts on large files although the user still needs to wait for the cuts to finish.
    Video source files are now archived in Disk_xx sub-folders and the user can select 4 GB DVD or 25 GB Blu-ray folder sizes. If a video source file will not fit in a Disk_xx sub-folder it will be split into parts that will fit. Note at this time these sub-folders are not optimally packed.
    Video source files are now archived with a corresponding sha245 checksum file to allow for future validation of video source file data integrity
    DVD menu page change icons can now be user selected.
    Basic language translation functionality has been added. This allows a user to select a country language and enter translated application phrases. These translations can be imported and exported for sharing with other users.
    Stability enhancements
    Bug fixes


    It is expected to have bugs at this point, some could even be serious and crash the app!
    It is expected to do the basic job it is designed and tested to do
    When reporting bugs, state Linux version, distro and then clearly state the problem and how to reproduce
    All feedback and bug reports are welcome. These will be addressed as quickly as my time allows
    Testing has not covered NTSC recordings as mine are only PAL
    Testing has not covered 16:9 aspect ratios as my test set is 4:3
    I will stress again that test coverage has been light but it works with my test files - avi wrapped DV compressed.
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  2. Fixed 2 issues, that needed addressing outside the normal monthly release cycle
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