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  1. Hey there,

    I want to sync a bunch of mkv files with audio files from another source.
    The problem is that I need to cut and shift the audio files at certain points of the video.
    In particular after the intro of an episode and sometimes after a few seconds of black screen in the video.
    So I'm looking for a (preferably free) program where I can visually see how to cut and sync the audio file, with no or little quality loss.

    Video format: HEVC
    Audio format: AC-3
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  2. Synch first and cut then the synched video.

    For the cuts you can use avidemux (free).
    It only cuts on keyframes.
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  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems avidemux is not the right tool for what I'm trying to do.

    To be more specific, I don't want to change anything about the video file. I only want to change the audio file.
    The first 2 min of the video and audio file are in sync. I then need to cut the audio file and give it about 2000ms delay. I have to do this a few times.
    I then want to render only the audio file and multiplex it with mkvtoolnix.
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  4. Let's assume you have
    - movie a with hevc video and ac3 audio.
    - audio b (ac3) from another source.

    extract audio from a as ac3 file.

    Load audio a and audio b in audacity and match the tracks from b to a.

    Then delete audio a from audacity and save b.

    Then mux the hevc video track from a with b.
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  5. Thanks! That will work.
    Although a little bit more tedious than I was hoping for.
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