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  1. Hi,

    I have many videos (PVR from TV).
    They have many different audio levels.
    Most of those are same, others are lower other higher.

    Is there a (free) program to check (in table view), all the video levels?
    I want enhance the lower signals and diminish the higher levels.


    P.S. I'm not looking for a program to modify audio levels (I use ShanaEncoder) but at a program to check a bunch of files!

    Something like this. Ex:

    Video1 db 82
    Video2 db 82
    Video3 db 54
    Video4 db 82
    Video5 db 96
    Video6 db 82
    Video7 db 61
    Video8 db 82
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    It would be helpful if you posted what type of files you need information from (i.e. container type, audio codec used). Are all the files of the same type? I recommend that you attach an example file or a mediainfo report of an example file.

    AACgain or BS FAG available from this site maybe able to do want want depending on the type of files you have.
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