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    I heard it mentioned about uploading lossless files to the site. How could I play Lagarith, F1V1, all the Huffyuv versions and all the other lossless compression codecs? The default players in Windows cannot play them. Even VLC doesn’t support HYMT.
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    BBB, I'll rephrase that for you VLC Player plays every lossless codec that I throw at it. I don't use HYMT because I read somewhere it's dodgy.

    FYI, if I really want to have a good look at a video, I'll use VDub2, mainly because I can step through each frame with the arrow keys (and do a quick, temporay deinterlace with the in-built filter if needed).
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  3. HYMT is produced by a multithreaded variant of HuffYUV.

    ffmpeg includes decoders for it. So most advanced players can play videos encoded with it, without installing a system codec.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the codec. It's just that it's not commonly used and not maintained. There are better options these days.
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