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  1. Hi,

    I tried to download this video :

    I've found the PSSH
    HTML Code:
    and put it in getwv...

    It gave me 4 key and I tried to download with this code :

    HTML Code:
    m3u8.exe -M format=mp4 --key ec78648ed7da52f5bc681b0e7ba5cf31:de328f33338e1d3daf4ff91bd34429f0 --key 6e4b8fc5cac450fd9ebf55e627601162:e439e581fe27f6101b3e51d110586ee8 --key 58928c781b275d69870a427ca0f020b2:13cd02f19b497edf4e178ea75230dcad --key ac8248fcf6005da3b931d1c8fb369e78:4bb97285a21beda7b8cf7158dd32d033 --key 35397dc7370551cd8236f7e7400df3dc:ae0edc0c619dc8bf0269920de9db2ca8 ""
    But the file is full of squares and i've this error :

    HTML Code:
    top block unavailable for requested intra mode -1 [h264 @ 0000028610226840] error while decoding MB 0 0, bytestream 81992
    Can anybody help me ?

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  2. try this one


    [Attachment 74078 - Click to enlarge]
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  3. Hi,

    It actually works very well for this video but why does the method I used before no longer work?

    For example :
    For this video : I had the PSSH:
    HTML Code:
    The license URL:

    HTML Code:
    Then I give this data to getwv which tells me:
    {"code":400,"error":true,"message":"Failed to get license: 412 Invalid OptData"}
    Any idea to explain to me if something has changed?
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  4. You missed headers

    You just need "x-dt-auth-token"

    [Attachment 74109 - Click to enlarge]
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  5. Thank you for your reply.

    How do I find it with the Chrome console?
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    Thats where you found license url. Find header, all u need one thing is x-dt-auth-token
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