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  1. hi i am new here and a video i've been trying to download does not have a m3u8 file (or at least one that i've tried searching for). i was hoping to get some help with it
    i've attempted downloading with videodownloadhelper and youtube-dl. i believe i have also attempted it with url snooper and stream transport.

    here's the link to the video:
    it's not a paid subscription - you just need to register for a free account. i do believe it is geoblocked in at least germany though.

    i'm sorry if this sounds silly, i'm just very new to all this. thank you
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  2. Use videodownloadhelper to get the link that has the m3u8 file. After that install this chrome extension and it's an m3u8 downloader, open the extension, paste the link and click on ts download. You will get a video file which is .ts and then use avidemux to convert the video file to .mp4 by copying the video and audio stream and then saving as .mp4.
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  3. unfortunately the link i got from using videodownload helper doesnt work.

    this is the link i got from it:

    the m3u8 downloader tells me that the url is an error and when i go to test it, it just shows up as a 0:00 video.
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  4. Ok. I tried to download it. It's not using m3u8 and I got the same thing as you

    Go to a website which is for free online screen recording and record the whole screen with audio and play the episode for a bit and then stop recording and download your recording.

    If you got a black screen instead of video then that means that the episode that you want is drm protected so you can't download it or record it by using screen capture.

    If you got a video then that means that you can record the whole episode by using screen capture.

    If the episode is drm protected and you are desperate to get it then play the episode and point a video camera at the screen and record and leave it there until the episode finishes.
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  5. keys

    this works ... play the stream, no need to download it

    ffplay -cenc_decryption_key "2250fff5515ac67f69923ec3b00f0cd0" -i ""
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