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  1. for deletion
    Last edited by tad108; 29th Sep 2023 at 12:52.
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  2. maybe wrong key. now mpd expired, so can't test

    video link ?
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  3. the video link is not free of access but let's try with another one which is free: here

    i only got this key: 7fe8cb77eff4e7ad2b9fe4fa402897d8:5bca5ea8ba62165e4 501ffbcb99d76cb

    how people are able to pull more then one key for the mpds? i can only access keysdb site, are they any other ways to pull those?
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  4. yes, you can with python, your own cdm, and some custom script

    anyway is useless get key for a video that you don't care about

    so, come back to the first post with your trouble and share your mpd here
    Last edited by lomero; 29th Sep 2023 at 13:10.
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  5. Issue resolved, I was able to download them..
    Last edited by tad108; 29th Sep 2023 at 12:51.
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