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  1. I've been browsing the forum for a few months and have no decided to finally register
    I'm trying to find a video a server to upload 2 hours videos for streaming on my website. Currently the only website I've found that allows you to upload videos and not delete your videos is xtremestream but its $200 usd a month, is there anything similar out there that's slightly cheaper?
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    Many of us upload to YouTube and embed the link to the video on our site. It's free so you can't beat the price.
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  3. This is what YouTube and Vimeo are designed for. Is there any reason not to use them?
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  4. Maybe Booky is from a country that censures those two sites. Otherwise, surely Booky has heard of YouTube or Vimeo. Or the vids are not suitable for those sites. Or OP is a bot.
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