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  1. Hello. I need some assistance. We record our worship service each Sunday and burn the MP4 file to a DVD using Wondershare. When the file is played on a computer, the volume level is perfect. When we play the newly burned DVD on the computer, the volume level is perfect. However, when the newly created DVD is inserted into a DVD player, the volume is very low and has to be increased to a very, very high level on the TV.

    How can we get the volume level set to a "normal" level when using a DVD player?
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    You don't mention whether your DVD player is playing the mp4 file directly, or whether the DVD also has a standard DVD-Video-spec structure.

    If the former, it is all down to your DVD player not outputting the same level as your PC. If the player has volume control for files, adjust it there. If it doesn't you will have to have separate mix levels for one input vs another. OR, lower the level of your PC output and raise the level of your TV much higher to compensate so that all levels are equal (or, use a mixer in-between).

    If the latter (DVD-Video), it is very likely the usual scenario of the DVD-Video's AC3 audio stream using its standard DIALNORM level, which is designed to set all levels to what should be equal in terms of overall dialogue level, but in LOTS of consumer equipment has the effect of setting the level much lower (to allow for proper headroom between dialogue and music/FX) - especially when compared to general media file output with stream types that DON'T use dialnorm (most everything else). This *COULD* be fixed by adjusting the DIALNORM level during authoring, but my bet is that your Wondershare app doesn't have that capability. (Sorry, but very MUCH not a fan of Wondershare). If DIALNORM cannot be raised, you are stuck again with having to compensate for the low level. Again, your DVD player *MAY* allow you to adjust this, but most times they cannot, and so you need to either boost it with a mixer or lower the PC input and boost everything, so it all matches.

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