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  1. Hi guys, I've been reading this forum a lot and I learned a lot of new things thanks to you. I'm still a newbie so there are many things I still don't know.
    I recently subscribed annually to a channel of a football club that streams through web with HLS. So the manifest is in the .m3u8 format. I can only watch through browser and I have serious lag and buffering issue when I want to watch the channel on my tv with a firestick. So I decided to load the manifest in OTT Navigator and it worked perfectly, now lag, no stuttering no frame drops.

    The only issue is that the url of the manifest changes everyday and so each day I have to check for the new url and load it again in the playlist for OTT nav.

    Is there a way to get a url that works and doesn't change? Or to have a system that can load the channel automatically checking the url each time through ott nav or any other iptv player?

    I have pretty basic knowledge but I learn fast and I recently could successfully dump some widewine keys.

    I know here is not allowed to talk about live streams so I'm waiting for an approval before sending the manifest or any kind of material. If someone can help me I'd be glad.

    Thank in advance.

  2. Since the thread got approved here is:

    The url that I took now and I think it will work for 24 hours:

    this is the url that I took yesterday

    As you can see the url changes, I don't know if those numbers is a token or something like that, and it's boring to change it manually everytime to make it work in OTT Navigator.
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