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  1. Wetv used to work perfectly with yt-dlp until recently something happened. Not sure what but it keeps getting a 403 forbidden message with yt-dlp.
    It downloads fine when you manually look for the m3u8 link so it could be an extractor problem of yt-dlp.

    m3u8 link : " 04FE0F0EB4EBA72422D034B1961134BA2EA0D4BB1FA5F4B824 DB24B5C615EFB3ECDE29C7EC29F0FFBD401C82D7D2348A1F32 C12B4DBFA9AF96DEC1EABB879D4CA60020BA4C3557D209640B EC9C982575C3359F1FF065939F8634673D279F09CAC790848C BF2C3E0B/gzc_1000117_0b53hiabgaaa64ac5o7r5vsm2owdcm3aafsa.f 321004.ts.m3u8?ver=4"

    Having a little trouble locating the api/url to send to the request to retrieve the m3u8 link for with HTTP Toolkit. Can anyone help?
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