Okay, while not proud of my laziness, I'm hoping that sufficiently curious Pioneer and/or Oppo BD player owners may have run this experiment: Take a BD movie that disables your player's zoom button. Such BDs are issued by Criterion, ShoutFactory, Universal and a few others. Verify this FIRST with the BD you choose for the experiment before proceeding. Instead of being able to zoom in on the image you get the slashed red circle icon when you hit the zoom button, right?

Okay, now rip the entire BD and save it as an uncompressed ISO file on your external SDD or HDD or burned to a BD-RE. When you play it via your Oppo or Pioneer BD players, in addition to full menu functionality, does the zoom button work now?

Note that while uncompressed MKV files are fine for individual TV episodes, I'd want to use the ISO container format in order to save a full length movie's original menu structure to thereby have rapid and easy access to extras (commentary, isolated score, etc).