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  1. I have installed Hybrid
    No matter what I do, it exports an avi files that are no playable at size 13.8-16kb.
    If I choose mkv it works.

    What am I doing wrong?
    I used the simple x264 de-interlace job from this thread:

    Creating job for current source
    -> Creating jobs for source: (1)
    -> Generating calls for: C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    Enforcing cfr decoder output due to avi output.
    adding x264 calls for source: 1
    createJobs for C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    creating audio subjobs,...
    creating attachment extraction subjobs
    creating video subjobs
    creating muxing subjobs
    Adding additional muxing calls, since ffmpeg can't handle raw H.264 video properly.
    optimizing the subJobs
    -> finished creating subjobs for current source
    added new job with id 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410
    starting 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_01_audio@17:45:38.358 - C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    finished after 00:00:00.386
    starting 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_02_video@17:45:38.747 - C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    finished after 00:01:01.624
    starting 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_03_muxing@17:46:40.374 - C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    finished after 00:00:10.573
    delete C:\Users\Idan\AppData\Local\Temp\2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_02.264
    starting 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_05_muxing@17:46:51.072 - C:\Users\Idan\Desktop\פסח 7-4-2001.avi
    finished after 00:00:00.113
    delete C:\Users\Idan\AppData\Local\Temp\2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_02.mkv
    delete C:\Users\Idan\AppData\Local\Temp\iId_2_aid_1_2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410_01.wav
    Job 2023-09-20@17_45_38_3410 finished!
    Last edited by Idan1822; 20th Sep 2023 at 11:17.
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  2. Got it sorted using a different Video processing like UT Video.

    What is the best option to keep the file lossless?
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  3. Depends on your needs. Some lossless formats are easier to decode than others.
    Regarding your problem:
    a. Would need a debug output to know what happened.
    b. It's a bad idea to put AVC and other complex video formats in avi since multi references (b-frame pyramids, open gops and similar are not really that well-supported by usual .avi handling routines).
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  4. Hi Selur, thanks for your answer.
    My purpose is only for archive and keeping the file as lossless and close to the source.

    I've capture PAL vhs tapes with Vdub as .avi with Utvideo422 commpression. But for some reason the video is captured as proggressive and not going smooth like I see the VHS tape on TV when the VCR is connected to it.

    If I de-interlace it using QTGMC it looks just like on TV and smooth to watch on VLC.

    So choosing UTvideo as the processor in hybrid keeps the file the original file the same because it was utvideo in the same place?
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  5. Lossless is lossless. Doesn't mattter if you do lossless encoding in H.264, H.265, AV1, UTVideo, FFvHuff.
    Whatever is fed to the encoder will be preserved.
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