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  1. Hi... I have this problem, I wanto to apply a Cube Lut with Staxrip.

    This is my script:

    tcFile = "%temp_file%_timestamps.txt" # timestamps file path
    Exist(tcFile) ? FFVideoSource("%source_file%", cachefile="%source_temp_file%.ffindex", timecodes=tcFile) : FFVideoSource("%source_file%", cachefile="%source_temp_file%.ffindex")
    ColorYUV(gamma_y=-25, opt="coring")
    SetFilterMTMode("DEFAULT_MT_MODE", 2)
    Cube("A:\PORTABLE\StaxRip\LUTS\06_Vlog LUTs_For Skin Tone.cube")

    But this error appear:
    Script Error

    AVSCube: input must be CS_RGBP16
    (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Jan Akkerman\2005 Pietons + Just Because_temp\2005 Pietons + Just Because_new.avs, line 51)

    1) What I have to do?

    2) It's better to apply a LUT before or after upscaling?
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  2. Without knowing the format your source file is in, see: it shows how to convert to YUV420 to 16bit Full Range Planar RGB.
    btw. iirc. 'Prefetch' should be applied after all the filters,...
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