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  1. Hi,

    can you help a cat ?

    I have this second-camera file dji pocket recorder with a person overexposed:

    is there a way to try a correction in the over exposed zone?

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  2. Before I am going to download another 2.5GB, please take a look and remember the discussion here about levels, autolevels, autoadjust, retinex etc.
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  3. ok, got it finally.
    IMO the whites are clipped, so there is little to nothing which can be recovered. The damage is irreversible.
    If you like you may want to recover more details from the darks (e.g. by raising the gamma).
    Maybe someone else has a better idea.
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  4. oh wowcat, thanks anyway. The first camera that keep the person interviewed is good but this second camera (a *** poket 2(() sometimes is a trap (the display is extra small)
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