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  1. The only way to describe what I'm trying to do that I can think of is to show the analogy of playing videos on YouTube and other streaming service by timestamps (Rumble does it, too, it's just trickier, as an example).

    So, i.e., this video is the source, say:

    But I can share these timetamps:
    Example 1.
    Example 2. (let's say because I want to highlight the birds in the video, or something, whatever <g>)

    Is there _any_ way to mimic this type of thing but with an mp4 or avi on our computers?!! I have tons of research contained in videos that are found at different timestamps. And it's a pain to have my source Excel document list the timestamps but I have to launch the player, then forward to the spot in question. When I'm in the middle of doing research this is tedious and very time-consuming. And quite a few of my old videos are no longer available online, for whatever reason.

    So was wondering if there was a way to add all my research videos in Excel, expanding by topic (which I haven't done due to this very issue), where I can list the timestamp references of the videos.

    Thank you!
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  2. You can add named chapters to mp4 or mkv.

    You can also export those chapters to a text file.
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  3. Alternatively, you could create a cmd file to open the video file and start playing at the desired timestamp. The syntax will depend on the player (look for command line options).
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  4. Thank you so much! I will check both options. What a relief to know that there actually may be something that works. I'll see if VLC has commandline options that cover this.
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