Just have a couple Hi8 tapes to transfer for a friend, was messing around with a Sharp VL-HL100 I got for a song as the screen is in rough shape. Some of the tapes I had were misaligned tracking wise but after popping the case off and tweaking the alignment rollers a bit I can get them all to play clearly on that front. However every tape, including one left in this particular camera which presumably was filmed on it, is exhibiting this section of horizontal distortion on playback. S-video/composite/on the built in screen its all looks the same-

Couple short clips

Seems more or less visible depending on what the image is, but its always there. Even when the tracking was poor and adjusting that for better or worse this part of the image stayed the same. I don't know if there is anything else I can fiddle with or if anyone recognizes this sort of issue, I never had anything this format growing up so not as familiar with the foibles. I doubt this is a great camera to start with but figured I'd ask around before hunting for another one