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  1. Hello everybody! I'm trying to extract a bonus from an ISO (full DVD). I've tried HandBrake, Freemake Video Converter and DVDFab (in that order) but I couldn't get a satisfying result. Let's put it this way: the output is not identical to the source.

    Would somebody be kind as to show me how to get a true Remux?

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    If you already have the ISO of the DVD on your computer....DVDShrink can open ISOs and give you what you want.
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  3. DVD Shrink didn't work for me. It says: 'DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue'. Is there another way to figure this out?
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  4. Extract all data from the ISO.
    Then you have a folder VIDEO_TS.
    In this folder are all videos of your DVD with VOB as file extension.
    Move each vob file to a player (e.g. VLC) and you will see the content.
    When you found your VOB file you can easily remux it to mkv or mp4.
    This way you will have the original quality without any loss.
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  5. Cheers! I found the VOB file but the duration is a bit problematic: I can't see the end of the video. How can I remux it? I gave MakeMKV a chance but I didn't get an output similar to the source (close but not identical).
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  6. What differences?
    Post a list of all vob files into the video_ts folder and the name of the vob file with the bonus.
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  7. Here's the list of all VOB files :

    [Attachment 73666 - Click to enlarge]

    The file VTS_02_1.VOB is the one I'm trying to remux.
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  8. Load it in clever Ffmpeg-GUI, wait until is ripped, then click main, click multiplex, set all streams, set mkv or mp4 as container, click multiplex.
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