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  1. Hey guys! Could you help me finding the right editing software for what I want to do with it?

    Something like capcut is not enough unfortunately and the adobe stuff is too expensive. I would pay half of that price maxÖ

    I want to edit photos and videos.
    What I need for photo editing:

    An easy way to cutout stuff. Resolve is even to complicated for my taste.
    Also i would like to re-shape stuff; for example:
    I want to bend a straight pole to a u shape.

    For videos:

    I need to adjust speed of a video to an audio file precisely.
    Clarification: I remixed a song used acapella of a track , made new music and put the acapella on top. The remix is 2 bpm slower than the original, but I want the original video of the song to match the remix.

    -also I want to be able to do this:

    (Random example) I have a short 5 seconds video of me walking. I want to edit the head of a dog on my body and follow my walking.
    With capcut keyframes itís just not precise enough when I do quick movements.

    Also i want to do simple lyrics videos. They absolutely donít have to be special, but I donít want to spend an hour or more for this. (For songs).
    But that would be just a bonus and I could live without a good possibility of doing easy lyrics videos.

    Any idea? Is there something cheaper than adobe that can do this and isnít complicated?

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    Magix Vegas is considered easier to use than Adobe.
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    free. open-source. I'm starting to learn it.

    other free choices

    I'm not sure if they will do what you want.
    For photo editing I would use
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