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  1. Hello, I'm facing very weird issue with PotPlayer which occurs when I try to quit application or open next file in same application window.
    It's freezing for 20-30 seconds - it does not happen every time. After that freeze it's working properly and I don't have any freezes during fresh open of application or just playing videos.

    Last version of PotPlayer without this issue was 220706, every next including the latest one is affected.

    What may be important I always use latest extracted PotPlayer setup file - I didn't install that. It was working great for years and I prefer to leave it that way.

    My hardware is ASUS Zephyrus G14 2021y, Ryzen R9 5900HS and OS is Windows 11 22H2 English with latest AMD Adrenaline and nVidia drivers.

    Goal is to remove that freezes and keep AMD Radeon Integrated GPU as playback device.

    I tried many things:
    • Reset configuration
    • Remove registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DAUM
    • Reset file associations in Windows and in Default Programs Editor.
    • Force using Integrated Card in NVIDIA Control Panel for PotPlayer app
    • Changed configuration location to INI file.
    • Changed Direct3D Render Device to AMD Radeon in potplayer Video settings.
    • Changed DXVA2 Copy-Back to D3D11: AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics in Built-in Video Decoder Configuration
    • Catched this issue with Microsoft Process Monitor:
    • Tried S/W mode and this one seems to help ( I have to do more testing - but didn't see freeze in this mode so far ). This is not solution but rather weak workaround.

    Anyone has idea what else I could do or check? Thanks!
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