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    Is it possible to have transparent background of a small section in a video clip?

    Let me try to elaborate....

    An example: I have this clip from Dumb & Dumber, where i want to make the moon landing poster portion of the video transparent. When I then play the clip (with transparent background) on my livestream, whatever is on my stream will be shown in that moon landing poster section....

    Here's the poster section that I'd like to make transparent:
    [Attachment 73439 - Click to enlarge]

    Did that make any sense? If not, let me know. If it did make some sense, is that effect possible or? Or is video overlay the only solution?

    Sorry for my bad english...
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  2. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    The video cannot be transparent as a final product.
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    The way to do this with a live stream is the way the pros do it: with chromakey.

    So, replace that rectangular area of the newspaper with a solid block of Chromakey Green (a very specific shade of green). Save the modified footage.
    Then overlay that footage on top of your live stream. This of course all assumes that the streaming tool you are using fully supports layers & chromakeying (e.g. OBS). The area underneath will need to match coordinates with the "hole", though.


    If you are just trying to INSERT something live into that rectangle, you could swap the layers and overlay with your live stream (with chromakey if necessary).

    Or, just do a more simple Picture-in-Picture blend. All depends on what tools you have at your disposal.

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