Hi all, I am very new to the world of decryption and would like some info and help on downloading videos through
https://github.com/Diazole/vdocipher-dl or mp4decrypt tool.

So going through the site I saw that the site I wanted to download uses vdociphyer and I was able to find the mpd file along with the token and licence in the response from the server. Going through the `vdocipher-dl` tool I saw that it uses a widevine file but the site I am trying to download from doesn't have a widevine file link or anything. Instead I see a few encrypted mp4 files ( some audio and some videos) instead. After some research it led me to mp4decrypt tool but so far I haven't understood the process of the key:licence pair in the requests and responses. Also, running the vdo cipher tool I could see that the token had all the properties needed with the only thing missing being the widevine file.

Am I going down the right path or am I missing something here. I have attached the mpd file if it helps.