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  1. Hi all
    Any recommendation between the 2 models for my first SVHS deck?
    Both PAL, TBC+DNR

    The 7711 is from 2000 but looks better built with vents.
    The 7960 is from 2003 but no vents and looks cheaper built like a dvd case.

    The 7960 costs a bit more but I can get it for the same price.
    What would be your chiose?

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  2. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Both are excellent.
    I would choose the unit in better condition.

    Important: Do not buy VCRs from eBay.
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  3. Many (or maybe all) JVCs with that last generation mechanism tend to have interference on linear audio playback, so would be hestitant to go for the 7960 unless you plan to use it only for digitizing tapes with hi-fi audio.

    Some early 2000s models before the last gen seem to have something off with dropout compensation causing lines where dropouts are masked to not line up, don't know if that also affects the HR-Sx7xx models such as the 7711 or not.
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