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  1. Anyone know why there is no audio in Lossless Cut when I import a TS file structure from a DVD?. It says the audio cannot be recognised, but one file I had importing, when strolling through the timeline the audio would start to come through, but the rest of the time the audio wasn't there. Anyone know why it is doing this?. The files were from a DVD which had been recorded on a Panasonic DVD/VHS combi recorder (a transfer from VHS to DVD over 10 years ago). When I dragged the files into Avideumux there was audio, however, upon trying to edit the files in either programs, all I got was a random order of files where playback kept skipping or jumping, often flicking back to a clip from the start of the first file instead of progressing through the timeline as would normally happen. I decided to drag the complete files across instead of one single file, but it still kept doing this. Could be down to the codec or that the disc has been corrupted. I also tried importing the files into KDenlive, but shortly after previewing one of the files the program crashed. I seem to have alot of problems with Kdenlive, some have suggested it's my RAM being only 4GB, but I have used programs like this in the past on my old Acer laptop which had less than 1GB RAM and it didn't crash like this. I've imported a BOB and TS files on my other Toshiba laptop and never had much issue with them except on my new Ideapad.
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