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  1. Dos this include the case where a single line or two have the horizontal jitters? Does an external TBC fix that (assuming a perfect TBC)?
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    There are some capture devices/format converters that are equipped with both line and frame timing, I've demonstrated one of those devices here. You can skip to post #13 if you don't like the drama.
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  3. So my remote finally turned up. It's a JVC LP20667-002. My player is a JVC HR-S9850. The play and stop buttons go, but the power and menu buttons do not. It seems to operate VCR, TV and Cable / SAT, and even though I can see clearly on its screen that VCR is selected, the menu buttons do not go. Is there some trick to this? I also got the replacement pinch roller in the same bag, it's not new but at least it doesn't have any cracks in it. I would have thought, being this shop is meant to service VCR's and this is their whole advantage over buying from Ebay, they would have a supply of new pinch rollers from somewhere, it's a fundamental thing from what I've learnt. So far, my next purchase will probably be from eBay. I think the chances of getting something good there are probably higher - though their shipping program kills the price mostly. Considering the price I paid from VCRshop it'll probably still be cheaper - and faster to arrive also. I note that VCR shop also sell on there. I sort of get the impression VCR shop just buy all their kit on ebay, do nothing but check that it's going, then mark it up. Perhaps I'm being too harsh?

    Anyway, does anyone know if:
    1: There's a trick to getting the menu button working for the JVC player?
    2: What is the proper remote I could order or some other remote that would make the menu button work
    3: Or maybe this remote is faulty?


    Hmmm, looking in the manual it looks like I have to set the remote to a control code or something.

    OK so I can set A or B codes. I tried both. Confirmed the VCR changed. But still no menu button. I also confirmed in the manual visually that the remote looks identical. This leads me to believe the remote is faulty. But most of the other buttons work.

    OK I see what's happening, the menu button still doesn't work. But pressing the Prog button brings up the menu because the clock isn't set. The only annoyance is I can't get out of the menu because the menu key is the back button. Give it 5-10 seconds and it resets itself. So it's workable, just annoying.

    So it's clearly faulty. Here I go again - another message to the supplier. I took the remote apart - I could get the menu key to press with it apart very occasionally, but when it's back together it doesn't work. Definitely a contact issue with the button and the board contacts. My uncle told me years ago a green rubber is good to clean those contacts, I don't have one though. Maybe a normal rubber would be good.
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  4. No there isn't any trick to it as long as the remote and the VCR is set to the same code and it's set to VCR pressing menu should work. Remotes are mostly cross-compatible between JVC VCRs too other than the models that weren't made by JVC and a few of the late combo decks so if that one isn't working correctly a universal one with JVC codes or another JVC VCR remote from the 90s or very early 2000s should be usable too as long as it's new enough to have a menu button.
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  5. Thanks, in my previous impatience I got a different JVC remote to see if it would work - it didn't except for play buttons, but I didn't know about the a and b menus then - might give that a go. It'd definitely a faulty button - updated in my message above.

    Just tried it - it feels more responsive actually - but alas menu button is only for the TV on that one. I'll keep hunting, but really the supplier should send me a functional remote.
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