Hi everyone.

I have a .ts file with EIA-608 CC muxed into the video stream, however on the MediaInfo log, there are two sections, "Writing Library" & "Encoding Settings" that I needed out of the log.
This command removed the redundant info:

HTML Code:
ffmpeg -i input.ts -bsf:v 'filter_units=remove_types=6' -c copy out.ts
But it also removed the CC from the file. Please, does anyone know of a command to get rid of the aforementioned metadata while still keeping CC?
And yes, I do know I can simply extract the CC captions and convert them to .SRT or some other format, just to then remux the whole thing to MKV? But I need the file to be .ts and with the EIA-608 data.

Thanks a lot to everyone, in advance.