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  1. The default SeeSaw sharpening options are a bit too strong for my taste, since the noise is still enhanced even after using denoisers (DeGrainMedian and VagueDenoiser).

    If I increase the strength of denoisers, the noise is removed, but the video starts to look a bit plastic.
    If I lower the strength of denoisers so that the video looks perfect, after applying SeeSaw a lot of noise become visible.

    Which SeeSaw options should I modify to reduce noise and/or decrease sharpening?

    Here are my SeeSaw settings:

    SeeSaw(noisy,clean,ssx=1.0,ssy=1.0,NRlimit=2,NRlim it2=3,Sstr=1.5,Slimit=4,Spower=4,Szp=18,SdampLo=5, SdampHi=24,bias=49,Smode=11,sootheT=49,sootheS=0)
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