I am new and I am very grateful to be in this forum.

To the point
I watch DVD films on my PC (maybe bluray), and I don't want to use any more software. I have K-lite code pack with all its tools > Codec Tweak Tool, MadVR, GraphStudioNext, LAV video, LAV splitter (both MPC-HC internal), MPC Video Renderer, x264 VFW. How can I configure and use the GPU enhancements?
Also, the default Media Player from Windows 10, not useful
There, the VLC Media player 3.0.11 Vetinari
for videolan, here is the thing, I want to use GPU hardware accelerator from the NVIDIA Quadro that I have.

In Input and Codec settings>
Hardware-accelerated decoding> Direct3D11 Video Acceleration, DirectX Video Acceleration DXVA 2.0
Video Quality post-processing level> 6 + inf

VideoLan has a lot of plugins and extensions... Could you help me whit this?

To achieve results like TrueTheater without all the bundle software

All the setup about the image like blacks, whites and colors I will do it manually through RTX manager and setting up the Asus monitor display.

Like I said, if someone could give an answer