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  1. Hi, I'm trying to mux a BD with a DVD.
    The problem is the DVD has a kind of NTSC 3:2 pulldown or something,
    and I'm not sure if I'm using the correct commands.

    Loop(0,0,54) # -2294
    the sync seems almost correct but sometimes a frame is missing here and there,
    I mean many scene changes are in sync till the end, but some are not.
    I think maybe I'm not using the correct command. help please.

    dvd sample


    about the audio restoration:
    if is possible and simple, I'd like to know how to restore the audio a bit,
    as it is so bad, it's like "muffled" / "cottoned" and also has a lot of background rustle/noise.
    can I with some avisynth plugin?
    or maybe with audacity or others?

    audio samples, one is from the DVD, the other, much better, from a 25p WEB-DL,
    but I can't use it cause is missing thousands frames.
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    Regarding the video, instead of SRestore, try
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  3. Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    Regarding the video, instead of SRestore, try
    thanks davexnet, I completely forgot about tfm().tdecimate().
    it produces the same result as QTGMC().SRestore(frate=23.976) but is much more faster,
    so I could more easily find a doubled frame on the BD, after having removed it, is now all in sync from start to the end.

    all is ok, apart the audio that is a pain to listen.
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