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  1. I was extremely saddened after discovering this. I tried tracking, but nothing seemed to help the fluttering and chirping in the right channel.

    Can this be a head problem or maybe some other problem? Interestingly there isn't much information about Hi-Fi on the internet.

    I spent 200 euros on this deck and the warranty just ended. I know, I'm stupid, but there aren't a lot of vcrs around, spent too much time finding one for cheaper.

    The beginning of the attached samples is loud, but they are short. It shows how on audio there's fluttering and on quiet part there's whining. The whining may be there on the original recording, as other Hifi tapes also did and did not have the sound, so it is maybe fine (edit: there's not supposed to be that chirping), but the fluttering is not on the original.
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