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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have authored this dvd to add the Spanish audio.

    The dvd has divided the only menu that it has into 2 PGC's.

    In the first one you have the selection of each ova, plus the continuous viewing of all of them and the Japanese language.

    The second PGC has the same menu with the selection of each ova, plus the continuous viewing of all of them and the English language.

    What the programmer did was (I think) not to put a predominant region so as not to mark the dvd, but he did do it indirectly by putting the 2 PGC's and first having the Japanese language (in this way, when starting to execute the pre -commands, the first PGC (PGC 7) is the one that will define the audio of the dvd).

    I have modified the navigation of the dvd to be able to add this new button, from power dvd, it works correctly, but when I record in physical dvd, the subpictures of the English and Spanish languages ​​are not displayed.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me and at the same time comment, if the modification made is correct or wrongly done.

    I leave the link of the ifo's of the original and modified dvd for whoever wants to help.

    Regards, Lucho
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  2. Sorry, but I don't understand exactly what's the problem. When you wrote "the subpictures of the English and Spanish languages ​​are not displayed", do you mean that you cannot select the two new buttons with the remote ? I suppose it's the problem, as indeed, these buttons are not correctly linked to the others. Here is how to fix that problem.

    In PgcEdit, select the menu PGC (PGC 7) and open the Menu Editor. The Play All button is selected by default. Now, use the cursor keys of your keyboard to select another button. (The cursor keys react exactly like the arrow keys of the remote.) You will understand that indeed, it is impossible to select the two buttons to the right, as the right key moves to the next button below the current one, but do not link to the new buttons. You have to fix the button links.

    First, select one of the original buttons (for example the Play All button), and click Edit. In the Adjacent Buttons section, you will see that the top and left arrows link to button 8 (the last original button), and the right and bottom arrows link to button 2 (Ep 1). There is no way to go to buttons 9 and 10. So, change the right arrow value from 2 to 10 (your Spanish Dub button). OK the dialog. Now, you can use the right arrow key of your keyboard to move the focus from the Play All button to the Spanish one. Repeat this with the buttons of the left column that you want to be able to use to jump to the Spanish button. I suggest to do it at least with the Japanese with English Subtitles button, but you may want to do it with all original buttons.

    You can already use the left arrow to return from the two new buttons to button 8, but verify carefully if all button links do what you want. Remember that you should NEVER need to use the mouse to select a button. When you are happy with the links of all buttons, save all.

    I have also noticed a little discrepancy. Perhaps some picky hardware players will not like it, so it is better to fix it. In the episodes PGCs (for example VTS 2, 1), there are indeed 3 audio streams, but the language of the third audio stream is undefined. So, right-click the PGC and select Domain Track Attributes (or click Ctrl-A). In the Track Attributes window, you will see that the third track doesn't have its language code properly defined. Type "es" in the field to define it as Spanish. Also, the track format is AC3 (1 channel). That may be correct, but it you are sure that there are more channels, fix the number of channels (and possibly other attributes). Repeat for all episodes.

    Test carefully with the trace (without using the mouse!) and then with a player (again without the mouse) and burn the DVD again. This time, it should work fine.
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