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  1. I have some old DVD's which I want to convert to MKV files.

    Since I have converted DVD's a lot from the beginning of DVD history, I am aware of copy protection and this stuff.
    BUT I havent done this since around 15 years so I was wondering what tools are currently used for this.

    I have started with Handbreak but since the DVD is split in 4 small movies it just took the longest one.
    In addition, I thought the quality is not that good so I decided to dig into it a little bit more.

    What I have done/tried so far:
    Created a ISO file out of the DVD
    Tried handbreak to create a mkv out of the DVD
    Used MakeMKV to create 4 mkv's one for every small movie of the DVD

    What I want to do:
    Create one big MKV file with video converted to deinterlaced (since the DVD is PAL) H264, and if it makes sense in terms of quality (?) upscale it to 1080p
    I also want to extract the subtitles and different language audios and merge them together in the MKV

    So do you have any suggestions which tools to use in 2023 for doing this job, first converting (and probably upscaling) video and second getting subs and audio.
    What would be your suggestion to get the best quality out of a DVD.

    By the way, as soon as I have the video converted, subtitles and audio I know how to merge them with MKVToolNix

    Thanks a lot for your help
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    Just use Makemkv. No re-compression. File(s) exactly as they are on the dvd ie no quality loss.
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  3. Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    Just use Makemkv. No re-compression. File(s) exactly as they are on the dvd ie no quality loss.
    Thanks, but this is not what I want to have since the Video is interlaced,
    and as mentioned before I want to use H264 codec and if it makes sense upscale to 1080p
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    As DB83 suggested, use MakeMKV to rip the 4 short DVD movies into 4 separate MKV's,
    Then use Handbrake/Vidcoder to decomb or double frame rate de-interlace, which ever you prefer
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