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  1. Is there a good way to identify whether a clip is copied from another source video?

    I have a number of source videos, say 10videos of 30minutes each, which includes audio also. I have a short video ("copied" video) which has content copied from one of the source videos. I want to identify which source video and the exact timestamp in it where this video is copied from. The short video may have modified the background blurred or hid part of the background, resized the frame from original video so it doesn't occupy all of the frame in short video, etc).

    Are there any suggestions on how to achieve this using a tool/script/... ? I'm Ok with python (or C, shell script etc.).

    So far, I was able to use ffmpeg to
    1. Extract the audio --> Haven't found a good way to find it in original video set. Still exploring numpy and correlation, but the computation space seems massive.
    2. Extract frames at every 1 second --> This would work if there is a perfect match, but I need it to be robust to image re-sizing, some blurring etc.

    My guess is that if there was a way to find "motion between frames" (delta between frames taken at say, 1second intervals), and compare that for original vs. short video, I should have my answer.

    Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated!!

    Note: The video doesn't have high-def content, so I can reduce the frame rate easily to reduce some computational burden.
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    Nope,unless you know the clip there's no way.
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