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  1. there is a line in the middle of all video captures that wasnt there before but as i have captured 15 or so old 8MM tapes it has started showing up on all tapes now. It is very visible during panning of the camera or during capturing high speed movement on the video. I have tried cleaning the head with swab and rubbing alcohol but it didn't make any difference.

    Camera is TRV-21E PAL it was bought in 1996 so it is an old man but it is still kicking
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  2. Your capture device is out of sync with your video. Captures are supposed to start in the blanking between frames. Without knowing your setup it's difficult to say why this is happening. Turn everything off. Then try capturing with your camera turned on first, then again with your capture device turned on first. See if it makes any difference.
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  3. the line in the middle that seperates the top and the bottom is due to software? i thought it would be something to do with the head no?
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  4. Originally Posted by flashandpan007 View Post
    Not a double post that is for software Config issue this is hardware related to find out if there might be a camera issue
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  5. In my opinions it's more likely a software or capture device error. And you can see that I fixed it with software in your other thread.
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    I reckon it's a digitiser issue, caused by the wonky signal it's getting from the camcorder. There are some really nasty wiggles and jumps in there that are probably playing havoc with the digitising process and causing the split image.

    You need a stabiliser device in the flow to steady up the camcorder output (or another camera).
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  7. Alwyn the video just started doing this jump and lines etc? It recorded 15 other tapes without any issues of jumps and lines etc. I wish I had another camera to test but unfortunately not the case and I have 4 more tapes left to do

    When you say digitizer you mean the Dazzle or is there another piece of equipment I need to add to the mix?
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