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  1. I use Avidemux for basic editing (cropping, splicing, tweaking audio tracks, etc). It works great, but it does not support HDR.

    Are there any similar tools that can import an HDR HVEC (YUV420p10) then it allows me to encode it at 10 bit HDR (YUV420p10) with placebo preset and my desired bitrate?

    So far the only tool Ive found is handbrake (which is limited in usage, and does not have a UI like Avidemux). Seems all other software ive tried either does not support it, or its only available in the expensive paid version.
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  2. Sorry, but no clue, but you might want to specify the flavor of HDR (HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision) are you aiming for to let others know
    For HDR10 you could use Avidemux for editing, export to a lossless format and then reencode the video with a tool which allows you to set the HDR meta data when encoding to HEVC.

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  3. I think most videos I have are HDR10.

    I'm not too familiar with any of the technical details on HDR. I did try encoding to huff (in avidemux), then loading that file into handbrake and re-encoding at HEVC 10 bit with bt.2020 color space (to match original). But this failed. I'd imagine following your suggestion id need to load the original into MediaInfo and somehow find another encoder that I can plug those number in? If that is the case, got any recommendations?

    And if this lossless trick does work, then in theory couldn't I also use something like the free version of 'DaVinci Resolve' to load my lossless file, do some fancy editing, save as lossless, then reencode to HDR with the metadata from the original file?
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  4. You can use clever FFmpeg-GUI.

    Related Features:
    Recode from HDR10+ to HDR10+ (e.g. resizing).
    Recode from HDR10+ to SDR while preserving colors.
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