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  1. On previous versions, I often saw this parameter being used and as I understand it, it is responsible for hardware video decoding (built-in hardware decoder?). In MSI Afterburnder it's called VID, in AIDA64 it's called video engine. Now I only see it loading in browsers with hardware acceleration enabled. And how does it work in the player now? Will the load on the GPU increase now, if this part of the video card is not used? Because now I see only the loading of the GPU and that's it.

    That's how it was before:
    [Attachment 72719 - Click to enlarge]

    The video output settings have also changed:
    From this:
    [Attachment 72721 - Click to enlarge]

    To this:
    [Attachment 72720 - Click to enlarge]

    Please explain to me how it works now and what the downsides might be. Thank you!
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  2. It looks like in CodecTweakTool.exe I need to manually select the right graphics adapter for hardware decoding, not Automatic (Native). Even if it all works now, then it can stop. That is, for some reason, hardware decoding will not be involved unless a hard choice is made.
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  3. no idea about K-Lite, but in plain mpc-hc:
    [H/W] in status bar will indicate that (gpu hw-dec) hardware video decoding is used (dx9 dxva2 for EVR-CP).
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