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  1. Hi... I like ALQ8 (Artemis Low Quality 8), and I use it oin many videos, but I want to try to have the same effect without the denoise that ALQ8 apply. I give you some example.

    First of all these are the video before and after ALQ8.

    Before ALQ8:

    After ALQ8:

    Now, please can you tell me how to obtain this:
    Before ALQ8
    [Attachment 72708 - Click to enlarge]

    After ALQ8
    [Attachment 72709 - Click to enlarge]

    Here ALQ8 apply a sort of dehaloing and blunts the excessive colors. The problem is another. ALQ8 when there is excessive noise in a video, transform the noise in a sort of green windy noise. I want to try to obtain the same effect without denoise.
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  2. The effect on the peripheral left and right red banner edges is more pronounced

    It would be similar to chroma alignment / chroma upscaling / chroma sharpening / chroma bleed removal . There are many scripts/filters that attempt this. The source chroma resolution is low, so the colors do not "fit inside the lines" .

    You can also experiment with pre-filtering the excessive noise input to ALQ8 to reduce the artifacts
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  3. I've tried to prefilter the excessive noise, but I don't like the results. Please can you give me some scripts/filters to fix chroma alignment / chroma upscaling / chroma sharpening / chroma bleed removal.

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  4. There are many scripts , you have to test some to see what works well on your source. Use those search terms in the post above

    Most filters in general work best at the original resolution. Sometimes you have to downscale to the "real" resolution even if it's very low. If you've upscaled the artifacts, they generally do no not work as well

    Also, if your upscaling algorithm does not handle artifacts, then you should prefilter , otherwise you just upscale artifacts

    You probably want to apply dehalo too, in fact if you do it first, you might get better results because in this example, the filter uses the luma to guide the chroma. The Y channel almost always has higher resolution

    chroma sharpening guided by luma

    MergeChroma(Awarpsharp2(some value))

    ImageSource("Before ALQ8.jpg")

    I'll take at look at the video later
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	awarpsharp2(mergechroma).png
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  5. Hi... I have tried your suggestion, and I have to tell that is very effective. Here the real deal is this: MergeChroma (chroma sharpening guided by luma). In the past I tried awarpsharp2, but without MergeChroma, is not the same.

    I used this for dehalo: DeHalo_alpha_mt(rx=3.5, ry=3.0, darkstr=1.0, brightstr=1.0). What do you think? The values are too strong? How can I erase the contour line at the right of the female singer?

    If you see, after ALQ8 this line doesn't exist anymore.
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  6. It's personal taste how strong you apply the filters.

    It's easy to get rid of the lines, the problem is destroying other details, other "good" lines - collateral damage . Maybe limiting with a 2nd mask
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