I have successfully ripped the sound effects I need from ALL 3 Crash Bandicoot games via CDmage and Crashedit. All I need now is the sound effects (punches, kicks, explosions, footsteps on different surfaces, etc) from Crisis Beat (Europe) and Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (both for the PSX) and I can close my ripping caper on this emulator platform. But so far, I had no luck ripping from these two games. So if you can help by finding a successful program to rip sound effects from Crisis Beat and Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, that would help alot.

Sadly, I found no video tutorials on how to use Psound.

Here are the file formats I found when using jpsxdec:

Crisis Beat Europe; SILENCE.WAV, SYSTEM.CNF, SLES 027.93

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster; BEHAVE.TXT, TAGFILE.TXT, .AMS .CLP under AMBIENCE folder, .WAX and .WAP under FX folder, .SS under SCRIPTS folder, .DLG under DIALOGUE folder, .sir under MUSIC folder, .1 files under XC folder, .CON .TIM .CEL .DEF under TIM folder, .LCF .GCF under RTARGET folder, and .RR under RCHARS folder.